2nd MAASH Cadaveric Lab Course. 1st MAASH Alumni Convention


We are proud to announce the 2nd MAASH technique Course Cadaveric Lab that will be held in Universitat de Girona (www.udg.edu) next 17-18 september 2015.

At a time First MAASH alumni convention will be celebrated where we can share Hip replacement knowledge with our invited guest faculty:

Professor W. Siebert from Germany

Professor M. Takao from Japan

Professor J. C. Palacio from Colombia

Oliver Marín MD from Spain

M. Caicedo MD, PhD from USA



Please email to:     info@i-crom.net



The Hospital de Sant Celoni will be represented by Dr. Albert Broch of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology service, as well as a member of Arthrocat in the next "WORLD ARTHROPLASTY CONGRESS, PARIS 2015" where MAASH Technique will be presented.


Arthrocat Group and Volumetric 3D preoperative planning

Arthrocat Group has started the volumetric 3D image preoperative planning. Evolution in new techniques, improving the accuracy in our surgeries. 

SLAOT Congress in Mexico 2015 and MAASH technique

The president of next meeting of SLAOT that will be held in August 2015 at Mexico DF. Felipe G. Delgado of Arthrocat Group (www.arthrocat.com) as a Hip replacement expert has been invited as a guest faculty at this event.